Chamber series

Dúo Cassado


Damian Martínez Marco | Cello Marta Moll de Alba | Piano   Over the past decade, Dúo Cassadó have amassed a number of hits in Spain as well as throughout Europe. Driven by a special interest in the Spanish repertoire, Marta Moll and Damian Martínez have established themselves as two of the most promising instrumentalists of their generation. The programme for their performance includes cello classics such as Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata and R. Schumann's…

Dúo del Valle


Víctor y Luis del Valle | Piano   From the start of their career, Víctor and Luís, the siblings who make upDúo del Valle, have been viewed as true “prodigies” because of their “sonorous beauty” and “tremendous virtuosity”. They stand out not only for their high technical standards, but also for the charisma and simplicity of their performances, and these virtues are evident in their ability to bring classical music closer to mainstream…