Thomas Hampson an exceptional baritone

Exquisite performance by baritone Thomas Hampson

Considered one of the most acclaimed baritones of our day for his on-stage charisma and his vocal and artistic qualities, Thomas Hampson closed the 2015 edition on the 8th of October, offering a performance which shone with all his vocal strength, capturing the audience from the very beginning to the end.

Hampson, who is of American origin, performs regularly in the principal opera houses of the United States and Europe, where he has been enjoying a great international career as an opera singer and recording artist, besides taking an active interest in research, education and propagation of music. His expansive discography includes various honours and awards of international prestige: one Grammy Award, five Edison Awards and Grand Prix du Disque.

He has never been to Majorca before and he said, during a meeting with the media the day before his concert, that Formentor is a place with "a magical setting and a wonderful atmosphere," and he joked, emphasizing that his biggest challenge would be to stay "focused on his voice and not on the landscape surrounding this natural stage."

The baritone wanted to get involved in drawing up the programme of his concert, together with the Balearic Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Felipe Aguirre, featuring accessible and entertaining pieces which "tell stories." His selection included works by Mozart, Verdi, Massenet, Lehár and Bernstein, along with some extracts from Cole Porter's musicals. It was a complete programme beginning with a solemn introduction of the Salzburg genius, gradually progressing through the history of music towards some of the standard repertoires of American popular music from the last century, each piece of which made the audience vibrate.

In appreciation of the warm ovation he received upon finishing, Hampson gave an exquisite encore performing the famous song "Night and Day" by Cole Porter. This unique moment concluded the third edition of a festival that is accumulating successes and unforgettable experiences year after year.