Quiroga Quartet, the emotion and sensibility of strings

A vibrantstringquartet

The Quiroga Quartet offered the second concert of the 2016 Formentor Sunset Classics Festival. The members of the Quartet, Helena Poggio (cello), JosepPuchades (viola), Cibrán Sierra (violin) and AitorHevia (violin), gave a masterly performance of the Haydn string quartet Op.20 No. 4 and the Brahms string quartet Op. 51 No. 1.

Here is what they said about their choice of programme: "We consider Haydn to be the father of the quartet. He wrote many quartets in the course of his life, and experimented with creating truly entertaining musical universes, full of humour, ingenuity, boldness and audacity, which brought a new model into being."

Regarding their second choice, Helena said: "Brahms wrote three quartets, all of them absolute jewels; at Formentor Sunset Classics we played the first of them, a harmonically sophisticated work of stunning formal and structural perfection. It is music that is eternal, marvellous… universal."

Speaking before the concert, the musicians were also keen to highlight that "This is the best venue where we have ever played, an idyllic setting in which time seems to stop. The combination of such a spectacular natural area with a musical programme of such quality makes this an incomparable event." Their participation in this Festival season, like that of the young pianist Juan Pérez Floristán on 16 July, was made possible by the partnership agreement between the Fundación Albéniz and the Barceló Hotel Group

At the end of the concert we were able to enjoy an encore rooted in the ideal of the link between traditional music and more elaborate music. A surprising piece that the Quartet themselves arranged for strings, inspired by the work they are doing for their forthcoming album, which they are planning to launch in the spring of 2017.

Pictures of the event